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Mini 8 Note Kalimba | Cat Shape

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Are you a beginner who wants to play western music?  This kalimba is a great place to start, and works well for kids as young as 6 years old, but is also a reasonable place for an adult to start.  There are also alternative tunings from around the world available for the 8-Note. 

The main reason the 8-Note Kalimba is great to learn on is that it shares all of the layout features with the bigger Kalimbas, but it only has a few notes - just enough for you to get the principles without being overwhelmed. Everything you learn here can be fully transferred to the bigger kalimbas. With fewer tines, this kalimba tilts the odds in favor of success. It is sized for young hands,  while they are basic instruments that are easy to learn on, they are still good instruments and anyone can play one.


Item type: kalimba

Material: acrylic/mahogany

Range of sound: 8 keys

Pattern: cat

Packing list:

1 * Kalimba with Random Color Necklace