Hluru Professional Handpan 9 Tone Hang
Hluru Professional Handpan 9 Tone Hang
Hluru Professional Handpan 9 Tone Hang

Hluru Professional Handpan 9 Tone Hang

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-Product name:Tongue drum.

-Style: Rubber edge.

-Tuning mode: Manual tuning + instrument sounding.

-Timbre: Ethereal and bright, prolonged sound.

-Each note of the Tongue Drum is composed of a basic note plus an octave overtone.

-Principle: Helmholtz resonator principle, each pit can produces three note

Maintenance Instructions:

1.After receiving the tongue drum, First wipe the surface of the tongue drum with alcohol , Remove dust from the surface of tongue drum, and can play a role in disinfectant and cleaningThe tongue of drum surface, preparing for the follow-up maintenance steps.
2.Observe whether the tongue drum is rusty. If it is, please buy rust removing oil to clean the rusty part (If applicable)
3.After the tongue drum rust removal, maintenance is carried out. It is recommended to use sewing machine oil. When the color of the tongue drum is uneven and there is no luster, the use of sewing machine oil is applied and wiped.
4.According to the temperature and humidity of different climate, need to carry out irregular maintenance (Maintain it every 7 to 15 days).

Storage Instructions:

-The musical scale on the front of the tongue drum cannot be squeezed by external force, and the musical scale should be placed flat and face up.

-When putting the tongue drum into the backpack, its bottom should be on the side of the strap.
-Do not put the tongue drum in the backpack for a long time, pay attention to keep it ventilated.
-The most important thing is not to drop or bump seriously, so as to avoid deformation, running sound, etc.


Material: Stainless steel
Size: 55cm in diameter, 28cm in height

Package Includes

1 x Tongue Drum
1 x Drum Bag
1 x Drum Stand
1 x Cleaning Cloth