How to choose the kalimba

Appearance in good condition

This is the most basic, the appearance of a thumb piano at least can not have obvious damage, such as cracks, scratches, uneven keys.This is one of the minimum standards for buying a thumb piano.

Feel better

Generally speaking, it is good or bad press, the gesture of the piano is comfortable or not comfortable, how smooth the keys.This is very important, if a thumb piano sound color, if the hand is not good, it is useless, because the thumb piano is always used to play, it is hard to imagine a bad hand of the thumb piano can bring the pleasure of playing!

No noise

What is noise?It is when you play one of the keys that you make a distinct noise like “zizi”.This is very important, and very easy to identify, to press all the keys once.

Sound identification

We usually use the thumb piano for playing, so the sound of the thumb piano should be bright and melodious.But this point for us beginners, said is also useless to say, you can ask people who can play the piano play you familiar with the classic pop song, feel good effect is ok.

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