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Seeds Double-layer 20-key Kalimba | C Major

Seeds Double-layer 20-key Kalimba | C Major

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  • ♫ 【Double-layer 20-Tines Design】20 Tines From G3 to E6 with the same sequence as the keys on a piano, wider range, easier to understand and practice. Unique double-layer design with a bigger gap between tines for easy and precise plucking.
  • ♫ 【Solid Koa Wood Structure】Use selected acaica koa tonewood materials to Ensure a warm and deep sound effect, using solid wood structure to give off a full and complete vibration. High quality material applied to ensure a professional sound effect.
  • ♫ 【Bright and Clean Sound For Each Tine】Unlike the dull sound of the ending tines on normal structure kalimbas, this new double-layer design perfectly solved the ending tines problem on traditional kalimbas. Everyone tine on this model produces a nice and clean sound.
  • ♫ 【With Learning Instruction and Professional Hardcase】Small and Professional Kalimba Size with a professional hard case for easy carrying and storage. Learning instruction and song book are included. This is the perfect gift for music lovers, just grab the kalimba and get an easy start of your music journey.

【Double-layer 20 Tines Kalimba】Double-layer Desgin with 20 Tines, The Same Sequence As The keys On Piano: G3-A3-B3-C4-D4-E4-F4-G4-A4-B4-C5-D5-E5-F5-G5-A5-B5-C6-D6-E6 from Left to Right. This arrangement makes the kalimba playing much easier to understand than common models. By applying this structure, we also perfectly solved the common “Dull Ending Tines” problem in normal 17-key kalimba, making every tine on this model product bright and clean sound.


-- Model:Seeds S20K

-- Color:Natural Koa Wood

-- Number of keys: 20 Tines

-- Instrument Key: C Major

-- Resonance Box Material: Acacia Koa Wood

☛【Package Include】

1 x Seeds 20Key Kalimaba

1 x Kalimba Learning Instruction(User Manual + Music Score)

1 x Tuning Hammer

1 x top quality hard case


1 Every Piece Of Koa Wood is Unique in Pattern and Texture. So Color Might Be Different From Pictures Due To The Nature Of Koa. We can assure you the product quality and sound quality, but not the color of this product. It's the nature of Koa Wood.

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