Min 8 Keys Kalimba
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Min 8 Keys Kalimba
Min 8 Keys Kalimba

Min 8 Keys Kalimba

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The main reason the 8-Note Kalimba is great to learn on is that it shares all of the layout features with the bigger Kalimbas, but it only has a few notes - just enough for you to get the principles without being overwhelmed. Everything you learn here can be fully transferred to the bigger kalimbas. With fewer tines, this kalimba is sized for young hands, while they are basic instruments that are easy to learn on, they are still good instruments and anyone can play one.

Size: 6.8*7.5*6.5cm
Material: Mahgany wood 

Note: The tone has been adjusted at the factory, but because of bumps and climate changes on the road, customers may need to adjust the tone a little.