Seeds Double-layer 24-key Kalimba | Columbus
Seeds Double-layer 24-key Kalimba | Columbus
Seeds Double-layer 24-key Kalimba | Columbus
Seeds Double-layer 24-key Kalimba | Columbus
Seeds Double-layer 24-key Kalimba | Columbus

Seeds Double-layer 24-key Kalimba | Columbus

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  • ♫ 【Double-layer 24-Tines Design】This 24 key kalimba has an extra high range of notes such as F6, G6, and A6. A huge diatonic range would allow players to explore a 'new world' of music.. Unique double-layer design with a bigger gap between tines for easy and precise plucking.
  • ♫ 【American Dark Walnut Wood Structure】Use selected American black walnut wood materials to Ensure a warm and deep sound effect, using solid wood structure to give off a full and complete vibration. High quality material applied to ensure a professional sound effect.
  • ♫ 【Unibody Metal Saddle】Each key has an independent limit, keeping the interval, stable and reliable, reduce movement. Just use tuning hammer to tune.Large interval between keys is 9.5mm, but you can play glissando as usual.
  • ♫ 【Bright and Clean Sound For Each Tine】Unlike the dull sound of the ending tines on normal structure kalimbas, this new double-layer design perfectly solved the ending tines problem on traditional kalimbas. Everyone tine on this model produces a nice and clean sound.
  • ♫ 【With Learning Instruction and Professional Hardcase】Small and Professional Kalimba Size with a professional hard case for easy carrying and storage. Learning instruction and song book are included. This is the perfect gift for music lovers, just grab the kalimba and get an easy start of your music journey.


【Double-layer 24 Tines Kalimba】Double-layer Desgin with 24 Tines, The Same Sequence As The keys On Piano: F3-G3-A3-B3-C4-D4-E4-F4-G4-A4-B4-C5-D5-E5-F5-G5-A5-B5-C6-D6-E6-F6-G6-A6 from Left to Right. This arrangement makes the kalimba playing much easier to understand than common models. By applying this structure, we also perfectly solved the common “Dull Ending Tines” problem in normal 17-key kalimba, making every tine on this model product bright and clean sound.


Design: Original and Patented

Tuning: C/B Tone

Range: F3 to A6 Diatonic.

Kalimba Body Dimensions: 183x126x26mm

Kalimba Weight: 550-620g

Weight with Packaging:1100g

Package Dimensions: 250x185x85mm

☛【Package Include】

- 1 Columbus 24 Key Kalimba, F3 to A6.
- 1 Instruction Booklet in C Scale Tuning
- 1 Tuning Hammer
- 2 Instrument cases without cardboard packaging.


Step 1: Use a tuner

Columbus(24 key) and Pisces(34 key) comes pre-tuned. However ,after some times playing, movements in the tines reduces the precision of each key. To know whether each key is in tune, you will need a tuner (buy from here). This can be a physical tuning device, or a free smartphone tuning app. We recommend Da Tuner for android or Ins Tuner for ios smartphones. How to use a tuner varies greatly. Please read the instructions meant for your chosen device or app.

Step 2: Refer to the Correct Tuning Chart

Pisces' C Tone tuning chart is on page B1 of your booklet.

There is no physical copy of the tuning chart for customers who bought the seeds Pisces B Tone Kalimba. Save a copy or print the B Tone Tuning Chart PDF.

For Columbus, you can refer to this Columbus Tuning Chart.

Step 3: Use Tuning Hammer

With reference to the tuning chart which shows you the musical alphabet for each key, strike each tine to see if it is in the correct tune with the aid of your tuner.

If the tuner shows that the tine sounds lower than it should, use the tuning hammer to TAP UP.

If the tuner shows that the tine sounds higher than it should, use the tuning hammer to TAP DOWN.


What is the difference between Pisces C Tone and B Tone?


C Tone Kalimba 1 (do) = C.

B Tone Kalimba 1 (do) = B.

1 (do )can be = any musical alphabet.

For C Tone Pisces 12345 means CDEFG

For B Tone Pisces 12345 means BC#D#EF#

What are the benefits of C Tone or B Tone Kalimba?

The C tone Kalimba has no accidentals on the lower layer, like a piano keyboard, So C Tone may be easier to find the right notes, like a piano, when collaborating with other musicians.

B tone as a lower pitch and you play it the same way. If you plan to play individually only, a lower B tone feels more soothing. B tone has slightly longer sustain because the tines are slightly longer in length.

Can I re-tune B Tone to C? Or C Tone to B?

For C Tone Seeds Columbus 24 Key Kalimba , Yes. You can tune C down to B scale or Bb scale with no sound issues.

For B Tone Seeds Columbus 24 Key Kalimba, B Tone Kalimba has better sound quality in C tuning or Bb tuning. We do not recommend tuning up to C Scale. Purchase C Tone Pisces instead for quality assurance to tune it to any tone.