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GECKO 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba Red | C Tone

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It is right time for you to have Gecko Kalimba--A real musical instrument other than a TOY! 

Why Choose GECKO Mahogany Kalimba?

  • Top Quality Material with Nice Finishing: Use Selected Solid Mahogany Wood to Make Resonance Box and Carbon Steel to Make the keys, ensuring Perfect Sound Effect. We can also make cheaper products by using different painting method and material to lower the cost, but it’s never Gecko's faith. We need your perfect experience more than just the sales. If you’re looking for a true music instrument rather than a musical toy, Gecko kalimba is the choice. 
  • Mahogany resists wood rot and often used for premium musical instruments, particularly the backs, sides of acoustic guitars, electric guitar bodies,and drum shells because of its ability to produce a very deep, warm and bright tone.


 -- Tonality: C Key
 -- Size: 185x135x50mm
 -- Num Of Keys: 17

GECKO Kalimba Package includes:

1*17 Keys Kalimba

1*Instruction Book

1*Learning Book

1*Tune Hammer

1* Tune Stickers

1*Kalimba Box

1*Cleaning Cloth

1*Cloth Bag