New 17/21 Key Hluru Ocean Resin Kalimba | C Major
New 17/21 Key Hluru Ocean Resin Kalimba | C Major
New 17/21 Key Hluru Ocean Resin Kalimba | C Major
New 17/21 Key Hluru Ocean Resin Kalimba | C Major
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New 17/21 Key Hluru Ocean Resin Kalimba | C Major

New 17/21 Key Hluru Ocean Resin Kalimba | C Major

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Hluru 17/21 Key Flat Board Kalimba Whale Blue Ocean Design. 

It has bending keys and curved down tips. It's easy and very comfortable to play. Comfortable concave hand guard design, suitable for different hand types to grasp the thumb piano.

  • High Quality Resin Material: This 17 keys thumb piano is handmade with high-quality raw material - solid beech wood, environmentally friendly resin and ore steel bars, giving you a better sense of hearing, vision and touch. A delicate and professional 17/21 key kalimba instrument that will amaze you!
  • Beautiful Sound: All 17/21 keys / tines sound perfect, No dead tines or buzz sound. It is suitable for a very wide range of music: pop, folk, rock, African, classical, carols. And this solid mahogany Kalimba has a bit longer resonance , which giving you a better sense of hearing and easier to learn a new song because the sound will be more continuous.
  • Easy to play: English manual book, songbook help you tune and play this finger piano easily, there are a few simple songs in the guide book. You can learn the basics from it. Best gift for kids, adults, beginners, professionals and bands.
  • NTERNATIONAL STANDARD C TUNE :Soft, clear, crisp and sweet tone to heal your blue mood and cheer you up at minutes. Small size pocket piano , portable for performance, recording, family, outdoor, school, party, and relaxation.
  • After-sales Service: 365 days warranty, 30 days unconditional return guarantee. If you have any questions or demanding advice on musical instruments, please feel free to contact us.

Best Gift
The finger piano is so easy to learn and so enjoyable for everyone. It is the best gift for a birthday present, a Valentine's Day gift, or even as a Christmas present. Suitable to be given to kids, that special someone in your life, mom, dad, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, student, co-worker, friends, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, musician, teacher, psychologist, doctor; you can see, this would be perfect for anyone in your life.

Packing list
1 * 17/21 key Kalimba (both with engraved numbers and notes on the tines)
1 * Instructions
1 * Cloth Bag
1 * Red and green stickers
1 * Tuning Hammer

How to tune:

1. Download or purchase a tuner. Before you play the kalimba, you must make sure it’s in tune or it won’t sound right. You can download a simple tuning app on your phone or you can purchase a digital kalimba tuner. Once you have the tuner, turn it on and place it next to your kalimba.
  • Popular tuning apps include VITALtuner, Cleartune, and iStrobosoft.
  • You can purchase a guitar tuner online or at a music store.
  • Digital kalimba tuners will cost around $10, click here to purchase.
2. Refer to a kalimba key chart to determine the proper notes. The tines are the long metal pieces that run from the top to the bottom of the kalimba. Most kalimbas will come with a key chart that outlines which notes correspond with which tine and some kalimbas even have the notes engraved on the tines themselves. If you don't have a key chart, look online to find one that matches your kalimba.
  • For example, if your kalimba has 8 tines, look for tunings for kalimbas with 8 tines.
  • Starter kalimbas usually come with 8 notes or 8 tines.
  • More advanced kalimbas come with 12 notes or 12 tines.
3. Hit the center tine and look at the note on the tuner. Find the center tine and pluck it with your fingernail while looking at the tuner. The tine should vibrate and a note should ring out.
  • Tines are like the keys on a piano.
  • On most 8-tine kalimbas, the center tine will be a C note.
  • The center note is usually a G or C on a 12-note kalimba.
4. Tap the tine upward with a tuning hammer if the note is flat. A kalimba tuning hammer is a small metal hammer that can be purchased online. Lightly tap the bottom end of the tine upward to raise the note. Pluck it again and see what note it is. Keep tapping and readjusting it until it is the correct note.
  • For example, f you’re using an 8-tine kalimba and the tuner reads C♭ or B, that means the note is flat and the tine needs to be repositioned.
  • You don’t have to use a lot of force when tapping the tine. Do it very lightly to make slight adjustments.
5. Tap the tine downward with a tuning hammer if the note is sharp. If the tuner reads ♯, that means the tine is sharp and needs to be lowered. Lightly tap the top of the tine to move it downward. Play the tine again by plucking it to see whether it is in tune.
  • For example, if you're using an 8-tine kalimba and the center tine reads C♯ or D, it means that the note is sharp and the tine must be lowered.

6. Tune the rest of the kalimba. Repeat the process on the rest of the kalimba, following the key chart to ensure that each tine is in tune. Once you’ve positioned all the tines in the proper position, your kalimba should be in tune and ready to play.


I didn’t play any instruments before, is this kalimba suitable for me?

Of course.This Kalimba is suitable for beginners, with the embossed notes on the keys, you can practice the piano fluently as me in a short time. So just follow the numbered musical notation and all the beginner can learn a song very quickly!

Does this piano have curved down tips for the thumb make it easier to use?

Yes, it has bending keys and curved down tips. It's easy and very comfortable to play. Comfortable concave hand guard design,suitable for different hand types to grasp the thumb piano.

I don't have a musical foundation, is this Kalimba suitable for me?

No problem at all. It is easy to learn, and comes with English instructions and engraved notes on the keys. Using kalimba can benefit people of any age, including children and adults. 

Can you make a gift? Where can I find a tutorial on playing the thumb piano?

This thumb piano 17 key comes with an instruction manual. There are a few simple songs in the guide book.  Kalimba thumb piano is a great gift for anyone, he/she can easily learn and play some kalimba songs within a few hours.