Hluru New Chromatic Kalimba | 24&34 Key B Tuned
Hluru New Chromatic Kalimba | 24&34 Key B Tuned
Hluru New Chromatic Kalimba | 24&34 Key B Tuned
Hluru New Chromatic Kalimba | 24&34 Key B Tuned
Hluru New Chromatic Kalimba | 24&34 Key B Tuned

Hluru New Chromatic Kalimba | 24&34 Key B Tuned

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Hluru Tree of Life 34/24 Keys Chromatic Kalimba

Thank you for your interest in Hluru 34 Key, the Black Walnut Chromatic Kalimba with magnificent value in price, durability and layout efficiency.

The first thing you would notice is that the price is affordable compared to other similar Kalimbas on the market. It is quite a valuable Kalimba considering the high-quality sound and construction of the Kalimba.

This is the sturdiest Kalimba we have, with increased steel reinforcement and a thicker soundboard, for long-lasting use.

We encourage all beginners to use the stickers or a permanent marker, many seasoned Kalimba players find the arrangement intuitive enough to not require stickers or markings on their Kalimba tines.

After you receive your Kalimba, you will notice that the sound improves after a week of playing it daily. This is because the tines will move into optimal positions with more use.

The tree of life, which precedes human beings,begins with nature, and is buried deep in the earth. Reach out to the sky,emb race the sun and rain. People sing praises for it.It is full of human revere nce for life and inheritance. Play the hymns of life with rhythm,bringing joy, ompassion. strength. Suffering and love are written more vividly and beautifully.

  • Based on thousands of testing & adjusting,the circular arc design of HLURU 34 keys kalimbas is just good for performance.
  • The 34-scale design with 13 more high tones compared to the 21-scale, it provides vivid & delicate tones & performs more types of music, makes the timbre more ethereal, smooth & tender.
  • The 34-Scale has been protected by the patent.

Package list:
1 x Kalimba
1 x HCT Portable Bag
1 x Pick up
1 x Tuning hammer
1 x SongBook
1 x Sticker
1 x Cleaning cloth 

Instrument Case details:
Semi-hard like luggage.
Stabilizing Insert is custom-fitted to the Hluru Chromatic Kalimba, to reduce movement and absorb impact effectively, prevents Kalimba from falling out accidentally.
Smooth and durable zipper


Dust-Cover: It is recommended that your Kalimba is kept covered in the thin drawstring cloth bag whenever it is unused, to keep the Kalimba in optimal condition. It prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt while the Kalimba is resting. The instrument wipe-cloth can be used to clean any oils or perspiration from the instrument after practice.

Impact-Protection: Consider keeping your instrument in the instrument case whenever it is not in use, so that it is safe from accidents. Use the instrument case to protect your Kalimba during international travel. Pack the tuning accessories in the black fabric drawstring bag, and do not store it together with your Kalimba in the case as it may scratch your instrument.

Rust-Protection: You can use WD-40 to provide rust-protection for the metal components of your Kalimba. Spray any metal part, and wipe off the excess. WD-40 is not corrosive and will not harm the wood/ bamboo. We use WD-40 when assembling the instrument too.

Thumbnail-Protection: Your nails are now an essential part of your instrument, just like drum sticks for a drummer. Feel free to use the silicone thumb protectors.

Tuning: Your Kalimba was tuned before shipping, and usually arrives tuned.
Here is what you can do if it loses its accuracy:
Use a tuner (or a smartphone tuning app), tuning hammer, tuning pliers and refer to Hluru's tuning chart for each tine.
For Both Layers, you can raise the pitch by using the tunning hammer to tap up. This helps to shorten the movable tine length and increases the pitch of the tine back to an accurate level.
For the Upper Layer, you can lower the pitch by tapping down which lengthens the tines.
For the Lower Layer, you can lower the pitch by gently pulling the tine down with pliers, taking care not to pull the lower tine out.