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Mini Hluru 7 Keys Kalimba

Mini Hluru 7 Keys Kalimba

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Small and exquisite 7 Key Klimba

This 7 key mini Portable Kalimbas are great sounding melodic instruments in a compact, handheld size. Solid construction, chrome-plated steel keys and an ergonomic shape makes this kalimba dependable musical tools. The sound of this modern-day mbira is pure joy, and a great addition to any percussion kit. 


1. Your Kalimba will not be the same as shown in the picture/video. Because of the natural characteristics of the wood every Kalimba will be unique.

2.Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-2cm deviation.


1 Comfortable grip, octave thumb piano is a fine musical instrument with small sound volume The normal volume is about 60 decibels, the sound is crisp and clear

2 Ore metal piano keyboard Made of ore metal, strengthened toughness, pull down key design, It can reduce the pain of finger fingering and is more suitable for playing.

3 Selection of "cedar wood" in natural solid wood as the generator, The texture is natural and gorgeous, the structure is fine and uniform, and it has strong acoustic plasticity. The sound is richer and more transparent, and the high tone sustain tone is more flexible.

4. Environmental protection paint Using environmentally friendly paint-free plate, waxing process, elegant color, Beautiful, can rest assured to touch, can immerse in vocal music.


1.About tuning a Kalimba. Your kalimba is pre tuned prior to delivery. Upon receipt you can try it to check if all tines/keys are tuned. Please note that due to delivery/handling some keys might have been moved causing the tine/s to have been mis tuned. If that’s the case you can refer to your manual which is included in the package and check the tuning first before first use.

2. Taking care of your Kalimba. After every use you should clean the Kalimba ( cleaning clothe included in the package) to protect it. Put it inside the bag/ case after every use. Do not expose to extreme weather conditions.