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LingTing 21 Keys Walnut Wood Kalimba | Rain Whisper

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LingTing Brand is a High End Brand, this is built to Higher quality standards


Made of high-quality Black walnut with 21pcs carbon steel tines, simple design and exquisite workmanship; including a pickup with 6.35mm output jack for connecting with amplifier to get more bright and more powerful sounds.

F tonality tuning, the corresponding tones of the tines are1(D6), 2(bB5), 3(G5), 4(E5), 5(C5), 6(A4), 7(F4), 8(D4), 9(bB3), 10(G3), 11(F3), 12(A3), 13(C4), 14(E4), 15(G4), 16(bB4), 17(D5),18(F5),19(A5),20(C5),21(E6)
(from left to right).

Easy to play: Just holding it in the hands and plucking the tines with your thumbs to create clear and melodious sounds; and comes with music book and stickers for quick learning and easy playing.

Compact size: Convenient to carry around, you can make wonderful music anywhere; suitable for travel entertainment, religious ceremonies, weddings and other social gatherings. Also including a tuning hammer for adjusting the tines, an accompaniment chain for creating special tremolo sound, a small bag and a hard case for easy carry and a beautiful tassel decoration.

Beautiful in both Looks and sound: The Tines are crisscrossed etched on the back side of their tips, this is so they stay in tune Better /Longer as the crisscross pattern provide friction to help captivate the tines holding them tighter. The tines are softer than other brands this is for better Playability and this Kalimba excels at fast playing, Fast Playing on this LT21W is excellent through all Notes even the Higher Notes Play really well due to these softer tines, the Lower Notes can be seen vibrating for a Longer sustained resonation than on other Kalimbas. Unlike on Cheap Kalimbas As cheaper High Notes can have No sustain, and feel like a dead note/key. The Dark Walnut Wood used is Top Quality, and manufactured Very well. Sound quality is Excellent.

Model: K21W
Material: Black walnut
Tonality: F
Keys: 21 keys
Item Size: 13.5 * 17 * 2.6cm / 5.35 * 6.7 * 1in
Item Weight: 522g/ 1.15lbs
Package Size: 24 * 19 * 9cm / 9.4 * 7.5 * 3.5in
Package Weight: 1150g/ 2.64lbs

Package List:
1 * Thumb Piano
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Carry Case
1 * Music Book
3 * Stickers
1 * Tuning Hammer
1 * Accompaniment Chain
1 * Tassel Decoration
1 * Pickup